In the modern era, the Quran can be studied by anyone, anywhere. Distance, time, and the cost of furthering one’s education are no longer barriers to learning. With the advent of online Quran courses, people from all walks of life can now afford to study the holy book from the comfort of their own homes.

You can teach your children or yourself the Quran through Skype by enrolling in online Quran classes and interacting with your teacher in real time from the comfort of your own home. The online learning environment provides many benefits, including the ability to have a tutor present at all times, having the tutor share the screen so that you can see the page to read or the exercise to solve, and so on. Numerous scientific investigations have demonstrated that studying the Quran online is both more engaging and productive than more conventional methods of education.

The obvious advantages of learning the Quran online are numerous. But the challenge is, how to begin? Is there a proper method to study the Quran online? In order to address these concerns, the online Quran learning for kids process has been structured into 5 stages by the Quran teachers & Sheikhs at Madrasat El-Quran.

Start with the Arabic Reading Course at to learn the language.

Instruction in the Arabic Language: Quraneasy

The language of revelation for the Quran is Arabic. Therefore, you should study the Arabic language before attempting to learn the Quran. To that end, Quraneasy provides a flexible Arabic language course designed to get you ready to read the verses of the Quran.

The Second Step: Master Quranic Recital

Quraneasy: A School for Learning the Quran

Study of the Quran at the Quraneasy

You have learned Arabic reading and now you are being guided by knowledgeable teachers in the recitation of the Quran. It is the goal of the Quran recitation course offered at Quraneasy to help students learn the proper way to recite the Quran and how to pronounce the words of the Quran.

Step Three: Acquire Knowledge of Quranic Tajweed

Tajweed Regulations Study at the Holy Mosque of the Quran

Quraneasy’s Tajweed Classes for kids

Attempting to perfect your Quran recitation? Want to mimic Muhammad’s (PBUH) recitation of the Quran? If that’s the case, then you should study the Tajweed rules. The goal of the Tajweed Rules Course is to help students master the proper pronunciation of Arabic letters and sounds, including which consonants are silent and which are not.

Phase Four: Enroll in the Quraneasy Memorization Program (Hifz Quran)

Course in Quran Memorization and Hifz (Recitation) – Quraneasy

Once you’ve mastered Tajweed, the rules for reciting the Quran correctly, it’s time to focus on memorising the entire text so that you can one day become a Hafiz. The Holy Quran memorization course at is designed to help you memorise the entire text of the Quran as quickly and accurately as possible.

The Fifth Step is to Obtain an Ijazah Online through the Quraneasy Online Ijazah Course.

Ijazah in Quran Recitation and Memorization is the capstone of any education, a test of one’s acquired skills and knowledge. Because “Ijazah” is a certification granting its holder permission to teach Quran learning with tajweed and/or Quran memorization, an Online Ijazah Course is an advanced Quran course.

Learning the Quran Through the Internet (Step-by-Step)